The Luxury


Luxury seven stars reunion

  • Five Nuts with Smoke Ham & Egg Yolk (Classic) (x1)
  • Bird's Nest, Black Sesame, & Coconut (Mini) (x1)
  • Oolong Tea Paste (Mini) (x1)
  • Pumpking Seed Paste (Mini) (x1)
  • Wolfberry & Dates Paste (Mini) (x1)
  • Walnut & Red Bean Paste (Mini) (x1)
  • Wintermelon Paste with Almond (Mini) (x1)
  • Taro Paste with Mixed Nuts (Mini) (x1)

An assorted mooncake selection. Comes with one classic and seven mini mooncakes. This luxurious assortment makes the perfect gift for friends and family to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. No Mid-Autumn Festival is complete without Koi Palace mooncakes!

  • $49 / box
  • $128 / three boxes